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The History of Hunter's Hardware

Over the years, Hunter's Hardware has gone by many names, including R. Hunter, R. Hunter & Sons, W. Jack Hunter & Son, Jack M. Hunter (DBA Hunter's Hardware), and finally Hunter's Hardware, Inc.

Hunter's Hardware

How We Got Here



Romanus Hunter was a craftsman, businessman and father of five. By late 1860’s he owned several pieces of property on Independence Street including his family home, a warehouse and a harness and carriage shop. Romanus founded R. Hunter Harness and Wagon Shop located on the corner of Mercer and Independence Street. All kinds of farm machinery and hardware were later added.


Three of Romanus’ children Cameron, W. Jack and Heber purchased their father’s interest in the company and it was renamed “R. Hunters & Son’s that same year. The hardware store relocated next door to the Hunter family home on the south side of Independence Street directly across the street from the store’s current location. 


When influenza claimed the lives of Romanus Hunter’s sons Cameron and Heber, brother and business partner, W. Jack Hunter continued to operate the store as W. Jack Hunter & Son.


When the hardware store outgrew the old building W. Jack Hunter constructed the present building on the north side of Independence Street connecting it with his warehouses in the back. Hunter later built an addition that fronted on Washington Street. 


W. Jack’s son, Jack M Hunter became involved with the management of the store in the late 1950’s and inherited the business after his father’s death in 1970.


Under Jack Hunter’s direction Hunters Hardware was incorporated. Upon his death five years later the business was left primarily to his daughters Linda Hunter and Jean Dick.


Jay Dick, husband of Jean Dick, had been with the company since 1974 and after graduating from West Virginia University was named general manager of the Company in Oct. 1978.


Danny Davison and Debbie Dick long time employees of the business took the families offer of an employee buyout and jointly purchased all of the company’s shares in the privately-held corporation. Debbie Dick worked for the company for 24 years while Danny Davison had been employed for 22 years. The purchase of the company marked 130 years of Hunter family ownership of one of the oldest, if not the oldest, continuous business in Morgan County.


Danny Davison purchased his business partner’s half at Debbie’s retirement and continues to operate the business today as Hunter’s Hardware Inc.


Hunter's Hardware celebrates 150 years serving the great community of Morgan County!
The Store Locations

Romanus Hunter originally founded the "R. Hunter Harness and Wagon Shop" in 1870 and opened a location at the corner of Mercer and Independence Street. The shop provided materials for carriages and wagons, as well as harnesses for oxen. Eventually, Romanus Hunter expanded his facility to also include farming equipment, feed, plows and more.

47 years later in 1917, Romanus' children purchased their father's interest in the company, and relocated the newly renamed "R. Hunters & Son's" store directly across the street from the flagship location. 

Sadly, two of Romanus Hunter's sons, Cameron and Heber, lost their lives to influenza the following year. Romanus' brother, W. Jack Hunter, renamed and continued to operate the store under the new name, "W. Jack Hunter & Son." 

In just a decade, "W. Jack Hunter & Son" business was so wildly popular that they outgrew the location's space. W. Jack Hunter constructed a new building on the north side of Independence Street, and connected the facility to the warehouses in the back. As time went on, and "W. Jack Hunter & Son" continued to grow, a new addition was added that fronted on Washington Street.

Since the building was placed in 1928, the store location has been a permanent fixture in Morgan County, West Virginia. While the business may have changed hands and names over the years, the superior level of quality and service has always remained. 

Hunter's Hardware is proud to have been a long standing community leader for over 150 years.

Store Locations
50+ Years Of Service
50+ Year Employees

We're proud to showcase the following employees who have spent 50+ years with the company:

Tom Barney - Tom began his career at the age of 16 and retired at the age of 86.

Betty Hutchinson - Betty was the business book-keeper for 50 years until retirement.

Robert "Grinder" Reynolds - Grinder served the company for 62 wonderful years before retiring.

Chamber Spotlight with Danny Davison

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